Unrehearsed Symphony

Music of the Inner Spheres

The Symphony
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Hi! Welcome to our little corner of the interweb. We are a self-acknowledged multiple system. What this means is that posters share the same physical body. Others are welcome to join and comment, and friend any or all of the individual members' journals - though most of us only post here - most of us will be happy to friend you back! ^^ The "core" personality's journal is angelari, and fiction that we write gets put in eclectic_score.

Our Code:MuC N++++ f;f/m/a/h/n/* S.H+/ S.He+/ S.Hd/ S.Uv+/ S.Hm+/ S.H&S.Uv+/ S.Sa/ S.Sg+/ S.Sv/ S.H~Mcd/ S.Mcd/ S.H~Mcw/ S.Mcw*/ S.Mc"Lupe"/ S.Mc"Gelert"/ S.Mfl+/ S.Mfl*/ S.Meh/ S.Mrm*/ S.A"Betazoid"/ S.Ak/ S.Aw/ S.Ae/ S.Ab/ S.A"Cetran"+/ S.A"Jeneba"/ S.A"Ter Gaian"/ S.Ldw/ S.Lg/ S.Lf+/ S.Lc/ S.Ls/ S.Lh+/ S.H~Mcw / A(b r---!/+++!!) Ow/r/c/i/n We/m/c/c-/t/t-!/s/s-/u/h/f Cc+ I-- OF(r+ o++) P+ psi/ast/spi/pre/mag! Fx+/c^+/p+/n+/#+ T++#* Xb+ (s/g/b/+/^) Ja/r Do R C++ So

I hazard the guess that man will be known for a mere polity of multifarious, incongruous, and independent denizens. - Henry Jekyll (Robert Louis Stevenson)