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Multiple Code

I finally found a working link to the multiple code, and we spent some time working on it tonight. Some of it, I need to think about and WE need to talk about. If you went, "Hey, put that down!" during a section, and I went, "Whathuh?" you need to do a little intro post or something. Good Lord.

Translate it here.

MuC N++++ f;f/m/a/* S.H+/ S.He+/ S.Hd/ S.Uv+/ S.H&S.Uv/ S.Sa/ S.Sg+/ S.Sv/ S.Mcw*/ S.Mfl+/ S.Mfl*/ S.Mrm*/ S.Ldw/ S.Lf/ S.Lc/ S.Ls/ S.Lh/S.H~Mcw /S.A"Cetran"+/ S.A"Jeneba" A(b r---!/+++!!) Ow/r/c/i/n We/m/stu!/w Cc+ I-- OF(r+ o++) P+ psi/ast/spi/mag F x+/c+/pd/n/#+ T++#* Xb+ (s/g/b) Ja/r Do R C+ So

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